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10:30 am | July 16, 2013
It's been an amazing time with a lot of memories and a lot of storms at The Weather Channel, but an offer came my way that was tough to pass up. Starting in late August, I'll take up the post of Chief Meteorologist at WBZ-TV in Boston, MA.

Hard to leave great friends at tremendous colleagues at TWC, but MA is home to both myself and my wife, and so the combination of a challenging weather market + family and friends was an offer not to be refused!

New England is definitley in my blood, and I'm looking forward to actually using my Red Sox season tickets, heading to the Cape in the summer, hiking through foliage in the fall, and chugging maple syrup in the spring.

Social media will stay the same, so stay in touch! (you can use the widgets on this page to connect)

See ya in the next big New England storm,


11:00 am | September 3, 2011
Been far too long since I've posted an update. If you've been watching, you know 2011 has been an incredible year for severe weather. We've had our hands full with drought, tornadoes, flooding, snowstorms, heat, and now hurricanes. Let's hope the final four months bring a little weather serenity.

Had a wild time covering Irene (my first hurricane) from NC, VA, and CT. Lots of miles logged, not much sleep in the books, but hopefully we did some good. Saturday, during landfall, was the highest rated time in 29 years of The Weather Channel! Glad to hear a lot of people are turning to us for the information they need (and to see fools like me get blown around in the storm).

We're gearing up for the meat and potatoes of hurricane season, looks like things may stay busy. Then it will be snowing before you know it! Now that summer vacation season is over, you'll probably catch me and Jen together in the studio on the weekends more often.

Enjoy the cooler temperatures and festivals of fall! Still looking forward to my first pumpkin flavored ale...hopefully not too far away.


7:20pm | December 6, 2010
I've finally got an answer for the question 'when are you on?' I will now be Co-Anchoring 'Weekend View' with Jen Carfagno. The show airs 7-11am ET on Saturdays and Sundays. My first weekend is scheduled to be December 11th and 12th, and Jen will be joining me starting the following weekend. Very excited to have a show to work on! Tune in when you get a chance.

I'll still be out on the road for live coverage of storms and severe weather, and will otherwise be found on 'First Outlook' (4-6am ET) or 'Your Weather Today' (7-10am ET) Wednesdays through Fridays.

Happy Holidays!

11:20am | October 14, 2010
Looks like The Weather Channel has decided to make me one of their 'Road Warriors,' which is just fine in my book! Have been out to cover storms, do a special series on "Why I love Fall," and have really seen some great opportunities come my way so far. Still no set schedule, so just tune in and see if I'm on!

We're already starting to see snow in some parts of the country, and I'm sure these live shots on sandy beaches will turn into trips to the Northeast and Midwest for epic snowstorms before you know it. That's the one good thing about the weather - it's always changing!

Remember to check out my Facebook fan page, or follow along on Twitter. I try to keep up with the latest info there as much as possible.

10:00am | August 19, 2010
Well I've now worked late night, early morning, midday, afternoon, and evening so far at The Weather Channel. I've also had the chance to be out live in NYC, and turn stories as a reporter on weather-related issues. Needless to say, it's been a whirlwind! (no pun intended). The crew here is outstanding and helpful, for which I am grateful.

Some people have asked 'when are you on?', and to that unfortunately the answer is 'I don't know.' It literally depends on the weather here! My schedule shifts everyday, but check out my Facebook fan page if you're interested in keeping up with the latest programming. If I'm in office, there will always be updates there.


9:45am | July 15, 2010
Hello from Hotlanta! I'm settling in to The Weather Channel, and loving the job so far. It's definitely a new way of watching, learning, and delivering the weather. There is more data and information here than you could imagine, and the people have been incredibly friendly since I started. I need a little hand-holding to get up to speed :o)

I've started on-air, but will be working a revolving schedule for a while with no set times for now. I'm expecting a variety of on-air shows, broadband (cell phone) forecasts, and live reports. Stay tuned!


10:50am | June 23, 2010
Hello all-

In case you missed the big news, I have left WGGB-TV in Springfield (as well as my Freelancing gig at WFXT-TV in Boston). I received an offer I just couldn't refuse to work at The Weather Channel. This is pretty much a dream come true for me, as it was TWC that helped get me into Broadcast Meteorology in the first place! I will be starting there on July 6th, although no work schedule or first on-air date has been set as of yet. Stay tuned!


9:40am | February 12, 2010
Hello all!

The website's undergone a couple of upgrades recently, including links to a few social networking sites. Now you can easily find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Feel free to drop me a line!

New samples of what I've been working on at WGGB have also been uploaded, so there are a variety of new stories in the video section. There's also a brand new demo reel that was put together by the nice people at Headline Media Management.

For the Boston folks, I have quite a few dates at FOX25 in the near future (once sweeps is over!). And they are -

Saturday, March 6th
Sunday, March 7th
Saturday, March 13th
Saturday, March 20th
Sunday, March 21st
Saturday, April 17th
Sunday, April 18th
Saturday, April 24th
Sunday, April 25th

I'll be lacing up my sneakers to run in the Holyoke St. Pat's Road Race again this year (race on March 20th)...hope to see some of you there!


8:20am | December 7, 2009
Here's an updated list of upcoming dates at Fox25 for the Boston folks. Looks like I'll be staying pretty busy over the upcoming months, and the trend has been for me to bring wild weather to the Boston area every time I work. Haven't had too many peaceful shifts just yet, but it's good for job security!

(All shifts are evening shows at 6, 10 and 11p)

Sunday, December 13th
Thursday, December 24th
Friday, December 25th
Friday, January 1st
Saturday, January 16th
Sunday, January 17th
Friday, March 12th
Saturday, March 13th
Sunday, March 21st

1:15pm | November 3, 2009
To help in future pursuits, I've recently partnered up with Carol Leff of Headline Media Management in New York City. As an agent, she brings nearly 30 years of experience to the table working for people in various markets and careers connected to the media. I'm certainly looking forward to working with Carol, and any job inquiries from here on out should be directed to her. Contact information can be found here:

Also, here are a few more dates that I am currently scheduled to work the evening newscasts on Fox25 WFXT-TV in Boston:

Friday, November 27th
Sunday, November 29th
Saturday, December 5th
Thursday, December 24th
Friday, December 25th
Friday, January 1st


3:40pm | July 27, 2009
Hello all-

For anyone in the Boston area, I thought I'd pass along a few of the dates I'm currently scheduled to work at Fox25 WFXT-TV. On Fridays I'll be working the 5-6pm and 10-1130pm shows, and on Saturdays we have news from 10-11pm. And the dates are:

Friday July 31st
Saturday August 1st
Friday August 7th
Saturday August 15th
Friday August 21st
Saturday August 22nd
Friday September 4th
Saturday September 5th
Friday October 2nd
Saturday October 3rd

You can check out the forecasts online as well at


2:30pm | July 1, 2009
It turns out the weather is just so much fun that I need two forecasting jobs instead of one. Starting on Friday, July 3rd, I'll be taking on a Freelance Meteorologist position at WFXT, aka Fox25 in Boston, MA.

This will be in addition to my job at WGGB, with no changes to what I'm doing in Springfield. Basically, it will be on average a couple of weekends per month, doing on-air weathercasts for the Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning shows.

Boston is certainly at the top of my list of favorite cities, so it's a real treat to start working in the Beantown area. If you want to check out any of the forecasts, you can log on to


8:45am | April 3, 2009
We're going to need an extra pot of coffee folks. Starting on Monday, April 6th, we'll begin the morning news at 5am. That's a half hour earlier than in the past, but hey people are getting up earlier these days so we figured we should too!

There are also some other updates to the morning show and the weather department. The morning team is now on facebook, and you can come say hello by joining the group "abc40 News This Morning." We're trying to be more accessible, so feel free to send us comments or suggestions. We'll also be posting some of our news stories, and some off-camera anecdotes!

As for weather, we're now on Twitter! You can send us a tweet at There will be brief updated forecasts there, and we encourage everyone to send in their two cents, ask weather questions, or send in storm reports via Twitter. There's also a link to find us on the weather page at

And if you're looking for some notable upcoming events. On Monday, April 27th, I'll be doing a weather presentation at the Hatfield Fire Department, which begins at 7pm. On Saturday May 2nd Faye and I will be "celebrity" judges at the New England Chili Cookoff in Somers, CT ( And on Saturday, May 16th the whole abc40/fox6 team will be at the World's Largest Pancake Breakfast in downtown Springfield. Swing by, get some eats, and say hello!

Finally, I'm going to be showing up in a different market every once in a while. I've picked up an additional job of "Freelance Meteorologist" at WFXT Fox25 in Boston. This will generally be a couple of weekends per month throughout the year, so don't be surprised if you catch me on a Friday or Saturday night, or a Sunday morning!


9:30am | February 9, 2009
Well, it's been a long time since we've had an update! Since the last entry, our new website has grown by about 300% and Fox6 has launched. There's also some great news for the morning show, as we'll be starting our broadcast at 5am starting in April! No more waiting until 530 to get your local news.

Coming up on February 19th, I'll be emceeing an Environmental Forum at Western New England College. That event is free and open to the public, beginning at 12:30 pm. I'm also taking part in a career day and Central High School in Springfield, and the whole abc40/fox6 team will be marching in the St. Patrick's Parade in Holyoke on March 22nd! A few of us, myself included, will be running in the 10k that Saturday as well, so lace up some running shoes and join us!

We're also working on a special outdoor series that will likely air sometime in the next few months. This one looks like it'll come out very interesting, so stay tuned!


10:00am | August 7, 2008
Hello all-

Things still going well at abc40 and headed in the right direction. We've upgraded our webpage in a big way, so check it out if you get a chance. You'll find all the forecast information you need, and of course all the local and regional news too.

Our new Fox affiliate is scheduled to begin sometime during the first two weeks of September, so stay tuned for information. It will feature the only 10pm newscast in western Mass. Also on tap is the annual MDA telethon, which takes place labor day weekend.

9:00am | May 8, 2008
Hey Everyone-

Lots of changes going on. We have a brand new set, new graphical look, and new music at abc40. Looks very sharp, just one of the many improvements going on. Our new website will be ready for launch by the end of May, and it looks absolutely fantastic. You'll find a morning show page, green living page, all sorts of weather goodies, and other improvements that we've never had before at the station.

We've also hired a new News Director, David Baer, who will be joining us in June. That's on the heels of welcoming our new General Manager, David Kaufman. Both are veterans of broadcasting and we're looking forward to improving the product here.

Also, Fox6 Springfield, our sister station, will be on-air within the next couple of months. We're targeting mid-June, and it will feature the areas only 10pm newscast. A new website for Fox6 will also hit the internet in June.

In terms of what I've been up to, you can now catch "Growing Cents", a piece dedicated to backyard gardening, Thursday evenings at 5pm and Friday mornings as well. In a time of rising food costs, we'll be showing viewers how much money you can save by growing it yourself, and how easy creating a garden can be.

Stay tuned!

9:40am | March 24, 2008
Lots of projects going on here at abc40. It was recently announced that Fox6 will launch programming at the end of March, with a 10 p.m. newscast starting at the end of April. Should be a great new option in the area! We also have all sorts of changes to our look and format in the works for the months to come, so stay tuned.

10:35am | February 22, 2008
Hello everybody, have a few updates for you. Firstly, we just finished up our tour of the best breakfast spots in Western Mass. A big thanks to Coughlin's Place, Partner's Restaurant, Rigali's, and the Bluebonnet Diner for their hospitality (and for your votes when nominating them!). We'll be airing a story showcasing a number of the runners up next Friday, the 29th.

If you're looking for something fun to do with your child. I'll be doing a book-reading of some Dr. Seuss classics at the Southwick Public Library on Wednesday, March 5th at 6:30pm. It's part of the Read Across America program.

11:00am | January 31, 2008
A heads up, I've added a new section to the website. If you click on the "links" tab, you'll find links to web pages I use for forecasting, as well as some useful ones for people who spend some time in Western Mass. If you have any suggestions on others you'd like to see, feel free to let me know!

9:50am | January 28, 2008
Hello all, just wanted to give you all a heads up on a couple of happenings. First and foremost, I've signed a contract extension at abc40. That means I'll be with the station through May of 2010!

Secondly, make sure to check out abc40 news every Friday morning in February as we head out to favorite breakfast spots across Western Mass. We already start the day with you through the TV, so we figured we might as well take the show on the road to do it in person! I'll be doing the weather at several different morning hot spots from 530-7am, while Faye will come down to join us after the newscast. When we decide all the locations, I'll post them here. Stop by and say hello!

3:15pm | January 26, 2008
I've just added a promo for our Morning News show to the home page. It will load automatically the first time you visit and you can also watch it again by using the link at the bottom right of the home page. More to come!

12:05pm | January 22, 2008
Stay tuned for some changes at abc40. A brand new weather graphics system will be making its debut in the next few days, and it's a big step up from what you're used to. Really top notch stuff, be sure to let me know what you think once we go on-air with it!

11:50am | January 22, 2008
The new website is up and running! I'm really excited for everyone to check it out and have an opportunity to leave their comments. Also, if you find anything that might need adjustments, make sure to let me know. All feedback is good feedback. Thanks!